Product introduction


Sunblock UV mesh hoodie


Speaking of Epocal, Sunblock UV mesh hoodie. The new 2020 pattern incorporates unique textiles that will appeal to both adults and children.


Mesh hat that can hold a cooler


Uses a special material that uses the heat of vaporization and the principle of "sprinkling water." An epoch-making UV-cut hat that is perfect for "Japan's hot and humid summer" that can prevent ultraviolet rays and heat stroke.



Breathable mesh hoodie

Kids 6color

Reduces back stuffiness that carries backpacks and backpacks! Meshed areas that tend to retain heat during hot seasons. UV-cut outerwear that is lightweight and cool for sweaty kids.


Sunblock UV mesh hoodie

Kids 6color

I want children who are sensitive to UV rays to take measures against UV rays safely without relying on UV cream alone. It is one that can be done because it is an epochal that seriously thinks about UV protection and looks at life more than anyone else.


With 2WAY neck flap

Air through hat 2020

A new pattern has been added to the summer hat of Epocal No. 1 that combines super lightweight special material and mesh! The pop print pattern is sure to catch everyone's attention.


Breathable mesh hoodie

Adult 6color

With a special material, it protects the areas that are prone to sunburn, and meshes the areas where it is easy to get hot during the hot season. A UV-cut outer that is comfortable for walking and running.



Mesh UV Marine Parka

Ladies 5color

A stylish hoodie-style jacket that emphasizes the feminine line of Epochal's mesh series. I want to protect my neck, back of my hand, etc., which is easy to get older.


Air-through hat with 2-way neck flap


It is easy to sweat and damp, and a mesh is applied around the part to ensure ventilation. The large removable flap is an ultra-lightweight hat that can cover from the nape to the shoulder.



Sunblock UV mesh hoodie

Adult 6color

For those who want to take appropriate measures against UV rays during outdoor activities such as camping and hobbies such as gardening. This is why the exquisite balance of functionality and design has long been supported.

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