EPOCHAL Function

Sunblock UV mesh hoodie


UV material

The UV cut function that does not drop even after repeated washing uses a special material in which titanium oxide is kneaded into the fiber.


Made in Japan

I want to protect Japanese sewing technology. It is a wear with plenty of functions that only Japanese technology can do.


Mesh to adjust body temperature

The cuffs and hem are made of one piece, so even if you raise your hand, the hem will not rise.


Miracle cutting side

By putting a mesh on the side that is unlikely to get sunburned, heat is released, the wind escapes and you can keep cool.



The size of the holes in the mesh does not allow Japanese mosquitoes to pass through. It also prevents the great enemy mosquitoes in the summer.


Hood Hoodie

The hood you can use is large enough to cover your head. If you wear it deeply, you can create a shade up to your cheeks like a hat.


Tail hole

The hood is ready to be worn without upsetting the summer. It is also a great success to prevent coming off.


Connect loop

If you connect the small loop to the button on the EPOCHAL sun visor, the hood will change into a cap!


Fitting binder

Although the size is also large, the stretch of the edge serves as a stopper to prevent it from coming off unexpectedly.


Easy removal hood

At school, taboo hoods can be removed with a button.


Comfortable hood

The sound is blocked when the hood is covered, which is dangerous, but the hood can be covered by inserting a mesh.


put on snap

The hood you can use is large enough to cover your head. If you wear it deeply, you can create a shade up to your cheeks like a hat.


Transformation stand collar

The place behind the neck is where you don't want to hit the sun too much. Creating a shadow can also be a countermeasure for heat stroke.


Sunglasses loop

Sunglasses that get in the way when not in use. You can keep it by hooking it on your chest without falling even if it moves a little.


Longer sleeve

The sleeves have a little view so that the fingers can smoothly pass through the common sense holes.


Epocal common sense hole

EPOCHAL A common-sense thumb hole. You can also protect the back of your hand by passing your thumb.


Easy arm rolling soft tape

Stretch tape that is the same as the edge of the hood is also on the cuffs. A soft rubber tape that does not hurt your arms.


Excellent fastener

Unexpectedly, it's easy to get things inside, so I put on a zipper.


Sand removal mesh

Especially for children, their pockets are full of sand. Since it is an inner mesh, it is good-bye to the roughness of the pocket.


Hanging loop

If you hook it up with a loop so that you can quickly wear it at the entrance, you will not forget it when you go out.


Safe Reflect Print

Reflective print that can reflect the presence of light even at dusk. With the EPOCHAL mark, even during the daytime.


Hook in pocket

Make sure you stick them together so you don't lose important things.


A hem that balances the silhouette

The silhouette with a long back is designed to have a small hip effect because the back does not come out even when squatting and the hips are slightly covered.


Cool zipper

Fasteners with a strong presence are one of our specialties. The transparent zipper creates coolness.


Deodorant with photocatalytic material

The photocatalyst with UV protection also has a deodorizing effect. The odor disappears when exposed to light, so it's refreshing!


UV discolored fastener top

With a zipper top that changes color when exposed to UV light. You can see the ultraviolet rays that are pouring right now.


Easy to move raglan sleeves

The raglan style wear has a wide range of sizes and is a cospa design that can be worn as is even if it is a little larger.


Miracle cutting back

To cut the back as coolly as possible, I cut it according to the body so that the area of the cloth can be reduced.


Useful pouch

You can store your clothes in a pocketable fashion, but it is also very useful as a plastic bottle or UV cream container.


It ’s cool when you wear it

If you wear it soaked in water, you can spend cool summer days with vaporization heat. Wear it after washing and before drying it GOOD IDEA! !

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