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たった 1 枚の90cm サイズ、UV カット素材を使ったウイ ンドブレーカーから始まりました。







2018 年エポカルスタッフは、海外=オーストラリアへ!










真剣に紫外線対策を考え、今後も エポカルブランド らしいウエアやグッズを 企画・制作していきます。


Our company was established in 2002 started from 2 stay-home moms.  Now we have around 10 employees including parttimer (4 full timer ) sill a very small enterprise. We produce Japan’s only brand “EPOCHAL” (which makes UV protected wear).  

EPOCHAL is the brand which produces UV care clothing to protect all kinds of skin damage caused in summer time and UV from babies to all the adults that we care about.



All of that started from my son had much skin trouble when we was baby and his skin doctor recommended us to do something of UV protection.

In recent days, we produces over 500 products focus on not only for UV productional function but also for protect from mosquito bite, heat rush and heatstroke.  Especially, since we have very tough summer time in Japan with very high humidity, we set our challenge to produce better quality and high functional wears for all the moms that having hard time spending summer time in outside with their kids



We strongly wish to share our feelings with all the moms in the United States to care for the children by producing our UV protection wear of EPOCHAL.  We also want to let all the parents to know how important it is to and its’s basic idea of “prevent UV rays” just like brushing teeth for your daily routine.


Speaking of UV protection, it is popular to use sunscreen cream on your skin, but we must be aware of environmental damage to the ocean.  We are hoping to wider market of UV protection clothing rather using sunscreen cream.

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