About us

Peek-A-Boo Co., Ltd. is a company that was established when the children were one year old, and they are friends who are raising children in Wako City.

At the time of its founding, the word "ultraviolet rays countermeasures" that we had never heard of has permeated and is now commonly used.

The first is a limited partnership, a company that started with two people.

After being examined by the VEC (Venture Enterprise Center) sponsored by the Ministry of Industry, we were able to grow into a limited liability company and a joint stock company by receiving a subsidy from the government.

After that, we continue to challenge every year. In 2018, we held an exhibition in Sydney, Australia to expand our sales channels. Pikabu Co., Ltd./Epochal's challenge will continue in order to develop environmentally friendly products, and to educate and sell UV protection as "preventive medicine" at home and abroad.

Company name

Peekaboo Co., Ltd.


April 18, 2002

Street address

〒351-0104 2-3-13 Minami, Wako, Saitama Wako RIKEN Incubation 305

General inquiries

(Inquiries before and after ordering, application for new transaction, request for interview, etc.)



For companies 048-458-3015


For companies 048-458-3017


10 million yen


Noriko Matsunari


On foot

About 25 minutes from Wako-shi Station on the Tobu Tojo Line About 23 minutes from Narimasu Subway Station


10 minutes by bus from Wako-shi Station on the Tobu Tojo Line.

10 minutes by bus from Narimasu station on the Tobu Tojo line, 5 minutes by bus from Suwahara bus stop

Private car

Turn right at the entrance of Wako City Hall from National Route 254 up lane, and then about 1.5km

At the intersection of Sasame-dori from the National Highway 254 descending lane, turn diagonally to the left and it is about 700m.

* It is not possible to drive in from the premises of RIKEN. It is possible to enter the facility grounds on foot from the entrance gate, but please be aware that access from the facility side to the RIKEN side is restricted.


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