EPOCHAL on a sunny day.

Active,hight-end UV protection gear

The beginning of the epoch was that the child was diagnosed with extreme atopia and was told by a dermatologist “I need UV protection.” It started with just one 90cm size, UV-cut windbreaker. They have hats, outerwear, innerwear, swimwear, children's clothes, and even adult sizes.


"SMART" is a particularly excellent product of the EPOCHAL brand.

S, M, A, R and T are significant.

Epocal aims to be a SMART product.


EPOCHAL Collections

Sunblock UV mesh hoodie

Epocal-the top product of the smart brand. 30 unique features are hidden in a simple design. One that can find the useful potential in your life while UV-care. Find your own way of wearing and have an active outdoor life that combines Health and Fashion!

Breathable uv mesh hoodie

An outer that has a simpler sun block and breathability. Protects where you want to protect, and the mesh on the back likes the sporty difference felt by the wind, but one piece that can bring out the individuality of the inner. There are two types, one is a single color type that chooses individuality by color, and the other type is bicolor that appeals fashion. It is popular for sports, hiking, hiking, and school activities such as excursions and club activities.

Marine hoodie

Feminine lines are now available in the Epocal original mesh parka series, which tend to be sporty and casual. Like a jacket, it is a piece that makes full use of the cuteness of the hoodie, the outline that women only care about, and the nice functionality. Without compromising on sewing or specifications, we carefully selected details such as length, sleeve length, armpit closure, and hood size. Arrange your own style with parts that can be "decided" in every summer scene.

And it's important

That's why we need UV protection.

It is very important to protect your body from UV rays and maintain healthy skin and healthy life in order to improve your quality of life (QOL). EPOCHAL considers "ultraviolet rays countermeasures" to be "preventive medicine." Preventing and reducing the negative effects of sunburn on your body. It will help prevent colds, infectious diseases and future cataracts and prevent UV radiation.

UV effect

The reason for UV cut wear that does not drop even after repeated washing

The reason for UV cut wear that does not fall off even after repeated washing

Epochal's UV protection wear was found to have been diagnosed as a child with atopia, and a dermatologist told me to take UV protection. I was reluctant to apply UV cut cream (foreign matter) to the swollen and rough skin of the atopie. We have decided to use "special materials" to make things that cut UV light safely and surely. As shown in the figure, titanium oxide is a material that is kneaded into "fiber".


The condition is

1.UV cut rate 91% or more shielding rate (UV cut rate)

2. It should be light and sweat-absorbent (water-absorbent) from summer items.

3. Soft and comfortable to the skin

EPOCHAL wear is also designed to be "effective in UV protection". Apply UV-cut cream to areas that cannot be supplemented by supplemental removal.

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